From single molecule to devices

The main research focus of my group is on the optoelectronic properties of novel nanoscale semiconductor materials to deliver solutions for solar energy harvesting, optical switches, and polariton lasers. We are interested in:

  • Harnessing chirality at a nanoscale and polarization of light to discover new optical phenomena
  • Utilising strong light matter interactions via formation of polaitons to tune excitonic properties 
  • Molecular photophysics of semiconductor materials
  • Supramolecular self assembly of molecules to materials

Chiral optoelectronics

Molecular thin film device efficiencies are strongly dependent on the hierarchical organisation of organic semiconductor molecules. This is because the intermolecular interactions that govern fundamental optical properties such as emission and energy transfer are sensitive to the spatial and orientational arrangement of molecules. While we can explain optical properties arising in amorphous systems and nanoaggregates at small … Continue reading Chiral optoelectronics

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Exciton polaritons

Polaritons are half-light/half-matter quasiparticles formed when a photon strongly couples with an electric dipole which occurs in bulk molecular semiconductors in the form of excitons. In our research, we aim to exploit strong exciton-photon coupling in organic semiconductor Fabry Perot cavities on various photophysical processes, such as coherent emission (lasing), energy transfer, singlet fission, and … Continue reading Exciton polaritons

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