1. Chiroptical Spectroscopy (ns time resolution & temp. dependence) – CD, FDCD, MCD, LD, CPL
  2. Time correlated single photon counting (temp and magnetic field dependent)
  3. Transient absorbance spectroscopy (nanosecond resolution)
  4. Single molecule fluorescence spectroscopy
  5. Device fabrication (organic solar cells, Fabry Perot optical cavities)
  6. Organic solar cell characterisation (Solar simulator, EQE, and Paios spectrometer for TCP, TPV, Impedance, EL)
  7. Angular reflectometry
  8. ASE characterisation, loss and gain measurements, lasing threshold measurements
Laser lab, Chemistry Building, Madsen Building
Device Lab, Rm 248/F09
Wet lab with thin film fabrication including spincoater, sonicated and plasma cleaner, Rm 442/F11